About me

Hi, I’m John Snow…🙂

Yes that really is my name.  (If you don’t watch GOT’s then you should – violence, sex, dragons, what’s not to like?!

I’m a left leaning, people loving, outgoing, colourful, loud hippie who loves to travel!

I firmly believe in being positive and positively influencing those around me.



For quite a while now people have been telling me I should write a blog about day to day life and what I get up to.  I walk with a stick (more on that later…) and have been told it would be inspiring and maybe even a little bit funny if i wrote about some of the interesting things I get up to. I’ve never quite got round to it and always thought there is no way in hell anyone would think it would be interesting, but having just had a whisky I thought why not…  I’m currently travelling/on an extended break from work in SE Asia so interesting/funny stuff tends to happen more often than it might otherwise…


The Stick (its high quality carbon fiber don’t you know)

I walk with a stick (it really is carbon fiber), which is the source of all my power and possibly my attractiveness to women (although that hasn’t been proved by scientists. Yet…). Imagine a younger, beardless, non-magical version of Gandalf…

Seriously though, I was born with Cerebral Palsy and was amazingly lucky to have the opportunity of major surgery (titanium plates below my hips and everything! – Yes I make airport scanners go off – if they don’t I am bitterly disappointed!) when I was 14 to keep me out of a wheelchair.

There was also a bone graft, tendon releases and lots of other cool stuff I can’t remember.  17 years later I still have loads of cool scars. 11 are still very visible and cool as shit.🙂

I remember the goal of the amazing surgeon at the time was to enable me to be able to ‘walk around town’.

Having spent the last 2 months touring SE Asia (stairs are my nemesis and temples have LOTS of them..) I would say he achieved his goal.  In fact you could say he absolutely smashed it!!🙂

My main issue is balance, hence the stick, I also tend to drag my left foot and have some leg and foot motor control issues. (Typically I wear out a left footed shoe/trainer in 2 months (I’m on my third pair of trainers after two months in SE Asia… The local ‘Power’ Brand (a bargain at only 12 pounds!) are awesome!

(As a side note if anyone happens to have a stack of left footed Nike Free’s they don’t need and wouldn’t mind donating to the John Snow left foot society…  that would be just awesome!).

Essentially I’m a little bit speshel but very, very, lucky to be as mobile and able as I am. And this is kind of my story of travelling and life and what not, blah, blah, blah, you get the idea…

My Attitude

Its pretty simple – I am ridiculously stubborn (some would even say pig headed… ;-)) and if I want to do something I refuse to accept that I am any different from anybody else and that I can’t do it. Whatever it is.  There is always a way.  Sometimes I need to think a bit outside the box or adapt things slightly, yes sometimes it hurts and a lot of the time I make a complete tit out of myself..🙂  But with a bucket load of determination, a positive mentality, a little help from friends and an open mind I truly believe that pretty much anything is possible!

I have done many things which an ‘ordinary’ (really not happy with this word in this context but it will have to do in the absence of something better) person might consider kind of challenging.

To name a few:

– A Tandem Skydive in NZ

– The London to Brighton Bike Ride (Twice!) on my recumbent bike. (Hit 42 mph going down the other side of the south downs….!!!)

– A 1500m swim in the Thames (part of a team event at the London Triathalon – Cheers to Robbie and Al who smashed it!)

– And not forgetting most recently (drum roll please…) Open Water and Advanced Diving (!!!!!!) with Big Blue in Koh Tao!  (The most challenging and yet amazing thing I have ever done (!!!)) Big love to the guys at Big Blue by the way who were some of the most understanding, patient and helpful guys and girls I have ever met. I will be back… Soon hopefully.

Its not all big stuff by the way, sometimes its a massive achievement if I manage to have a shower in the morning without falling over..